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Accuracy was more commonly affected by the human error in the past, but in the s the quality and accuracy of recordkeeping improved exponentially due to the advent of the computer. As a result, the information provided on StateRecords.

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Megan's Law is the term for state laws that create and maintain a sex offender registry, which provides information on registered sex offenders to the public. The first Megan's Law appeared after the rape and murder of 7-year-old New Jersey resident Megan Kanka by a sex offender who lived in the girl's own neighborhood.

Soon after passage of this first Megan's Law, the federal government implemented a requirement that all states establish sex offender registries and provide the public with information about those registered. In North Carolina, the law applies to any person convicted of a reportable offense on or after January 1, , or who is released from prison on or after that date. Failure to register is a crime. Last Name:. North Carolina Arrest Warrants An arrest warrant is an official document that is signed and issued by a judge or magistrate on behalf of the local and state jurisdictions.

North Carolina Misdemeanors A misdemeanor is a non-indictable offense and is generally less severe than felonies.

Finding North Carolina Public Records and Court Records

North Carolina Felonies A felony offense is a criminal conviction with a minimum sentence of more than 1 year, which is to be served in a county jail or state prison. North Carolina Sex Offender Listing A sex offender listing is a registry of persons who were convicted of committing a sex crime that is often accessible by the public. North Carolina Serious Traffic Violation A serious traffic violation tends to involve willful disregard for public safety, death, serious bodily injury, damage to property and multiple minor traffic violations.

North Carolina Conviction Records A conviction record is an official document providing information that a person was found guilty, pleaded guilty or pleaded nolo contendere against criminal charges in a civilian or military court. North Carolina Parole Information Parole records are an official document that includes information regarding the release of a prisoner who agreed to certain conditions prior to completion of their maximum sentence. North Carolina Probation Records Probation records are official documents that show when a person receives probation as an alternative to prison.

North Carolina Juvenile Criminal Records A juvenile criminal record is an official record of information regarding criminal activity committed by children or adolescents who are not yet of legal adult age. Learn More. State Archives.

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Contact: Civil Court, Frequently Asked Questions. Small Claims Court. Publications from Legal Aid. Estates and Wills. Beginning the Estate Process. Estate Procedural Guide. Name Change. Foreclosure Law Summary.

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Jury Duty. Jury Duty, Frequently Asked Questions. Court Cost and Fees. Legal Glossary. Minor Name Change Form. Minor ages Name Change Forms.

How to Obtain Your Criminal Record in North Carolina

Adult Name Change Form. Guardianship Status Report.

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Small Claims. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Small Claims Information Sheet. Local Attorney listing. Local Attorney Listing. Criminal Record Check Criminal Record Check Criminal records are a matter of public record and may be checked by name at the public terminal if for inquiry only - no charge.

Court Cases, Contact Information, Assets, Police Records and Much More!

Board of Commissioners. Most South Carolina Court Records are available to public access.

While the right to access and copy court documents is not actually absolute, contacting the court clerk before applying for documents can greatly help the search to be more successful. These records include marriage, birth, divorce, and death certificates. When it comes to application and access to public records, North Carolina is one of the friendliest states. By following the right procedure, you should be able to access the information you seek without any difficulty.

Understanding how the system of North Carolina state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily. North Carolina Superior Courts have general jurisdiction to handle all types of cases, but generally handle only those cases that District Courts have no jurisdiction over.

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Typical criminal cases that these courts handle include lesser-included offenses, all felonies, and some misdemeanors. They also handle civil case without financial thresholds, including constitutional rights, adoptions, eminent domain, complex business issues, most decisions by administrative agencies, and certain types of requests and injunctions for declaratory relief. Superior Courts have limited jurisdiction to hold proceedings in probate as well as the administration of properties or estates for decedents.

They have original jurisdiction to handle most guardianship cases.

https://perparddemicur.tk However, the Family Court usually hears most guardianship cases provided the Family Court program is available in the county. North Carolina District Courts have exclusive jurisdiction to handle certain types of criminal and civil cases. Typical criminal cases that these courts hear include municipal ordinance violations, most infractions, and most misdemeanors.